Anonymous asked:

Honestly I don't know how you can be a lesbian. It's really fucking disgusting and I wish you could realize how horrible you look with that rep

xlovexisxblindx answered:

See now this is cute because homophobes seem to be the minority now. I think you actually look disgusting for your mindset, and I wish you could see how horrible you look for this rep of being a closed-minded cunt. And I hate to inform you, but I’ll love girls no matter what you have to say so you don’t phase me a bit and I speak for everyone in the gay community.

P.s. Open your eyes instead of your mouth. And if you do want to share your opinion come off anon if you’re so confident in your evaluation of me and the subject of being gay as a whole. Have a shitty night sweetheart😊


The homos have spoken and we don’t need your straight hate